Ed Sheeran's got the cutest doppleganger in this two-year-old girl

Ed Sheeran's got some lookalikes earlier as well, but Isla is the closest and cutest it gets.

Ed Sheeran’s music has it’s share of fans which is a massive number but thanks to ‘Shape of You’ the singer cum songwriter is now on his way to becoming a household name. From bhangra to Sunny Deol, this track has seen it all. The Internet has now found his doppleganger in a two-year-old girl and as you can imagine everyone is losing it.

Toddler Isla’s photo went viral after her aunt Stacey Wilson posted it online. From ginger hair to facial expressions, Isla could easily pass for the singer’s doppleganger. Some of you might know, legend says there are seven people of the face of this Earth who look exactly like each other, and Ed Sheeran seems to have found another one.

From being called ‘Kid Sheeran’ to suggesting a career similar to Ed’s for her, people on Facebook went gaga over this little girl’s similarity to the singer. Isla’s aunt told a media house that the toddler is a fan of Ed’s music and also tries to sing and dance along, and in addition the toddler has an uncanny tendency toward expressions similar to Ed Sheeran.

This is not Sheeran’s first doppleganger though. Only last year, 21-year-old Ty Jones who looks very similar to Ed too came out about how tough it was for him to land a girlfriend thanks to his uncanny similarity to the singer. Well let’s just say that Sheeran must be among the rare celebs who stay in news for dopplegangers.