Donald Trump’s ‘State of the Uniom’ typo tickets caused a hilarious Twitter meltdown

A typo on the ticket issued for President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address created quite a buzz on Twitter

After gems like Covfefe, President Donald Trump’s team is here with the newest typo of 2018 — Uniom.

As Trump is all set to give his first State of the Union address, the tickets for the event have already created quite a stir on the internet for a hilarious typo that was spotted on Twitter. They printed “State of the Uniom” instead of State of the Union on all the tickets and this was pointed out on Twitter by Raul M Grijalva — a Democrat politician.

Posting the picture of the ticket, he wrote, “Just received my ticket for the State of the Union. Looks like @BetsyDeVosEd was in charge of spell checking… #SOTUniom.” The tweet garnered a lot of attention and people couldn’t stop wondering how can one get such a simple thing wrong.

Here’s the typo ticket in all its glory:

And obviously, once something is on the Internet, Twitter can’t let it go without posting a series of hilarious puns/memes: