Donald Trump forgot to put his hand over his heart during National Anthem. Twitter trolls incoming!

His wife Melania literally nudged Donald Trump out of a breach of protocol. It was not so subtle though.

You might or might not like Donald Trump as President but it’d be very unfair to not admit how he has given everyone more than one occasion to double up with laughter. He is one of the rare men who manage to embarrass themselves and be absolutely cool about it. And here’s presenting the brand new addition to his collection.

It was Easter and the world was in a festive mood, when Donald Trump managed to grabbed everyone’s attention by forgetting to place his hand over his heart while America’s national anthem played. Yes, you heard that right. Hosting hos first Easter Egg Roll at the White House when this fiasco happened and Melania had to nudge to remind him. In Melania’s defence she tried to keep the nudge as subtle as possible, but CNN reporter Daniella Diaz noticed the moment and put it out on Twitter, which for obvious reasons got itself thousands of retweets.

Here’s the nudge, by the way.

Obama had earned himself a considerable amount of flak when he saluted a Marine with a coffee cup in his hand, but who knew his successor would make that a competition. Now, when it’s Trump and Melania together in a gaffe, how would you expect Twitterati to keep shut about it? Check out the few jewels they let out here.

This isn’t the first time Donald and Melania Trump have caught social media’s attention for a very, umm unconventional, reason. Remember the gif that did the rounds after Trump’s inauguration ceremony? The same one where Melania did not seem very thrilled at having to attend it.

Another time Trump, who isn’t really famous for being a very chivalrous man who bothers with respecting women, keeping in line with his reputation pretty much forgot to take his wife along when he met the Obamas before his inauguration. Now, whether he was too excited to meet them, to take his position at the White House or simply did not care, we do not know. But the Internet could not get over this.

Well, let’s just say here’s to many more such fiascos and Donald Trump needs to keep his wife real close at all times now. It’d only save him from breaching protocol at the first given chance.