Homage Or Mockery? DJ Snake's Latest Music Video Is A Nod To South Indian Films

The music video for DJ Snake's latest single, Magenta Riddim, will remind you of the OTT action sequences that are a staple in films down south.

French DJ-producer DJ Snake shot his latest music video in India where he’s seen putting out literal fires that match the fiery beats of Magenta Riddim, his new single.

In the four minute video, DJ Snake joins forces with local firefighters who can’t stop grooving and as they ride around in a small Telangana town. In an interview, DJ Snake revealed that many of the actors and video crew in the video are local artists who are a part of Tollywood, India’s Telugu film industry.

Throughout the video, DJ Snake and his firefighter companions go around town demonstrating their fire safety techniques and people can’t stop swooning. The team rides around in a neon fire truck and most sequences will remind you of the OTT-ness we’ve come to expect from action films down south. There are multiple scenes that’ll make you go ‘I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this in a Rajnikanth movie’ like this scene that defies all known laws of physics:

But is it homage or mockery? Twitter largely seems to think it is the former. The video was released yesterday and already has thousands of desis raving about the video in the comments section. Desis on Twitter are loving the video too:

Watch the crazy video right here: