Disney finally comes of age with its first gay character in Beauty and the Beast

Gaston's manservant and admirer, LeFou will explore his sexuality and an 'exclusively gay' love scene is in the line too.

Emma Watson-starrer Beauty and the Beast is due for release this month and the Director just let out a piece on information that could well be considered a breakthrough for Disney. The 2017 remake will see Disney’s first,  gay character and love scene. Talk about breaking barriers and bringing all kinds of sexual orientation into the mainstream for the first time in 93 years!

The sidekick to the main protagonist Gaston, is played by Josh Gad and is called LeFou. This character is unable to figure out if his feelings for Gaston are one of admiration or of love. His attempt to come to terms with this dilemma forms a side-plot for the movie and in Disney’s own words is their first ‘exclusively gay moment’ on screen.

Gaston is Belle’s suitor and even in the 1991 version of the fairytale, LeFou is often seen cheering up Gaston whenever he loses hope with anything in life. What the 2017 remake does is makes him openly explore his sexuality and delves into the dilemma he faces inside of himself. Director Bill Condon revealed that LeFou could well be seen as Gaston’s admirer aside of being his manservant. Here’s a recently clip depicting the same. Well, now after what Condon has just dropped he has obviously got our minds racing into interpretations here!

In Condon’s words LeFou on one day wants to be like Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston. It’s these feelings that LeFou makes into something ‘subtle and delicious’. Condon said how this pays off for LeFou audiences shall only know when they see the movie.

Disney has in the past few years changed its depiction of princesses and female protagonists by coming up with characters like Merida in ‘Brave’ and Moana in the movie by the same name, among others. But with this move, Disney sure has us very very impressed!