Dhinchak Pooja's Twitter feed is a gold mine waiting to be discovered. Seen it yet?

Before her fans berate us for making fun of her, we are not. We love Dhinchak Pooja (and her Twitter feed) as much as you do.

You’ve heard ‘Swag waali topi’, ‘Daaru Daaru’ and the latest sensational number ‘Selfie maine leli aaj’ but there’s so much more to our rockstar Dhinchak Pooja then you could’ve ever imagined. Not only is she a pro at penning down genius lyrics like ‘Daaru daaru jo na nache usko maaru‘ and ‘Chal re side hoja uncle selfie na lu saath mein‘, Pooja is also in touch with her philosophical side. Don’t believe us? Just check out these uber motivational tweets we handpicked from her Twitter account (BTW, according to Twitter handle, her location is ‘people’s heart’. Umm..there’s 10 million views on her videos so we’re not debating that!):

Dhinchak Pooja knows what’s up!


Here’s how you channel your inner Gulzar.


If plan A doesn’t work out, you’re screwed.


Daaru Daaru and Selfie maine leli are pefect examples!


#BeDifferent #StayDhinchak


That’s all we could think of during the Selfie song!


We kinda agree with this one though. We’re all out here judging her singing skills but we’re no Bieber or Timberlake ourselves!


Want some more inspiration? Check out her Twitter right here here.

If textual inspiration is not enough, check out all the musical boons Dhinchak Pooja has put out there in the universe:

Have a dhinchak day!