Deepika Padukone Attends Cannes In A Pair Of Jeans And Fans Are Freaking Out

Just two hours after Deepika Padukone showcased her first look for Cannes, people started freaking out- Is she really going to walk the red carpet in a pair of jeans?

While Deepika looks fire 

But fans (read people with too much time on their hands) were left wondering if a plain white tee and jeans is really the look you want on the red carpet. Opting for denims and a top for your first look of Day 1 at the French Riviera is a great move, TBH. She’s there to watch films. It’s probably more comfortable than a beaded gown. Padukone styled her hair in soft waves and accessorized with big retro glasses and big hoops to some pizzazz to her otherwise sober look, but her fans were left confused. Here’s what they are saying-

Deepika has already uploaded a snippet of her second look and here’s hoping at least that will satisfy the ardent fashion critics we have back home.

Wouldn’t it be fun if she actually shows up in a pair of jeans, tho?