Dear Ramdev, when you have an iPhone, don't call for boycott of Chinese products

The internet is a funny place. It reveals more than we want people to know :D

Preach what you practice is not a principle that Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev abides by. The man who has given us swadeshi noodles and is on the way to give us swadeshi jeans goofed up big time while tweeting about boycott of Chinese products. The Patanjali magnet should have known that internet is a funny place and it reveals more than we would want.

Did you notice?

Using an iPhone made in the US and assembled in China’s Foxconn to invoke patriotism and appeal for boycott of Chinese products.


We have double-checked whether the device with which the tweet was sent out was indeed an iPhone. If are reading this article on your computer, the device credentials might not be revealed. But if you were to use the Twitter deck to see his tweet, you can verify which device was used to send out the tweet.

May be Ramdev should have checked the label of his iphone before unpacking it?


Boycott Chinese products as much as you want to. And why not make India a manufacturing hub? But before we make such appeals, lets clear our closets of Chinese products first.

Let’s do some pranayam to control our hyper-nationalism.