Cop shamed by Shobhaa De comes out with real reason behind obesity and trolls her while at it!

This just makes Shobhaa De's tweet sound so much meaner.

Shobhaa De had yesterday outdone herself with a very distasteful pun on an overweight police officer and of course Mumbai Police as well as Twitterati gave it right back to her. Turns out now that not only was the officer not from the Mumbai Police but his extra weight is due to a health condition that leads to insulin imbalance. We cannot confirm if Shobhaa De is feeling bad enough about her mean tweet already.

News spread soon about the officer belonging to MP Police and when contacted my a media house, he confirmed his obesity was due to a health issue. Daulatram Jogawat, the officer in question, told the media house that he weighs 180 kgs and unlike what De might have assumed this is not at all due to overeating. Jogawat had a gall bladder surgery back in 1993 and later developed insulin imbalance leading to obesity.

Replying back to Shobhaa De he further said that if she wishes to she should feel free to pay for his treatment because who doesn’t want to be thin? Now we’re all waiting to see when Shobhaa couriers him all the money he needs to acquire model-level good looks and a physique that does not attract her insensitivity.

For the uninitiated, this is the tweet that started it all.

And here’s Mumbai police giving it right back.

In her defence, she did issue an apology later on but what came onto her to make such a tweet still remains a mystery. Or maybe this kind of confidence just comes with being Shobhaa De. It’s not her first time after all. Will somebody please crown her for making such a fool of herself already?