Congress' V-day card to Modi will make you scream, 'oh snap!'

You know when you reach that toxic point in a relationship where literally everything you say to your significant other is a passive aggressive jibe? “You’re really eating that?” “You’re wearing that to the party?” “Thanks for not reading my texts again, love you!” You get the gist.

Congress recently turned into a passive aggressive ex, sending Valentine’s Day greetings via video for PM Narendra Modi. Yesterday, when the entire world was celebrating V-day, our Prime Minister was at the receiving end of a beautiful card, brimming with love.

The Indian National Congress took ‘loving’ dig at Modi ji using their official Twitter account. With Pehla Nasha playing in the background this video is the perfect depiction of BJP and Congress’ everlasting relationship.

Checkout what they tweeted-

Spread love, not jumlas. Less hugs, more work. And that Yogi Adityanath reference. Ouchhhh.

This card has Twitter divided into Congress Vs BJP camps-

Abki baar, dher saara pyaar.