Caught on Twitter! Copycats are defending government on OROP; they all use WTF

This will put Bihar cheating scam to shame!

WTF! My husband’s income has doubled after implementation of OROP. “Agenda kya hai bhai”. This ubiquitous tweet is flooding our timelines on Twitter.

First to give you context, OROP – the One Rank One Pension scheme for our retired armed personnel has become a major political crisis after an ex-serviceman committed suicide over the issue.

The ex-serviceman Ram Kishen Grewal , who had served in the Army for six years and following which he worked for Defence Security Corps was drawing a pension close to Rs 24,000. If the government had implemented the OROP as demanded by the ex-jawans, he would be drawing Rs 30,000 as pension. He killed himself for just a few thousands.

In his suicide note, he wrote that there are thousands of jawans who take premature retirement from Army  and then join defence security corps. All those people would be denied the benefits of OROP, he writes. He wrote that he was sacrificing his life for the benefit of soldiers.

Now, the Narendra Modi Government, which has for the past month resorted to much chest-thumping via the surgical strikes conducted by the Army, in order to appeal to the patriotism of Indians, finds itself in an embarrassing situation.

So now an online Army, in complete disregard of the sacrifice made by Grewal has started a campaign to denounce the protests being carried out by many veterans at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar. These veterans didn’t agree to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s version of OROP announced last year around the same time. They still had several demands that wasn’t covered by the government.

However, the sad part is that online Army has turned out to be quite incompetent in doing their job.  They clearly haven’t heard the principle that every jugadu Indian swears by “Nakal with akal (Copy but with brains).” As if in auto-pilot mode, they decide to go Cntrl c + Cntrl V exposing their own ignorance of what they were defending.

Take a look.

First they call pension as “income”, then pretty much everyone copy pastes the same content giving a clear indication that this is part of a well-thought out campaign.

Twitter, being  Twitter didn’t let the offenders off the hook. Much of the joke was on the handles while some of it was directed at the government.