What can one do with a Maruti 800? This man has transformed it into a convertible!

If you have ever underestimated a Maruti 800 for its humble persona, this convertible made out of it is here to change that.

Maruti 800 had been our nation’s people’s car for a very long time and as kids, most of us would have memories of being driven around in one. The car has been a part of all our picnic memories and our late night India Gate outings with family. Now, could you imagine still having this car with you only in the form of a stunning convertible?

Meet Jagjit Singh, an automobile businessman who has made this possible. Singh has been a part of the automobile industry for the past 17 years and has modified over 170 vehicles to suit the needs of differently abled people. We are all guilty of having drooled over sports cars and this man has now remodelled a car as basic as Maruti 800 into a car of our dreams.

In an interview with a media house, Jagjit Singh said that it took him nearly three years to make this and cost him a bomb. He says he is at present looking for an investor to fund this project and bring it out on a commercial platform. Singh says several people have shown interest in buying this unique car but for mass production, government clearances are needed and that’s where he is stuck.

What makes his project stand out is his aim to be able to make this sports car affordable enough for students to buy it and is wishing that approvals do not charge him so much that he is unable to do so.

While Mercedes and Audi are among several high-end brands who have produced convertibles, this genius could change the convertible’s future in India with his product. Indians have always been brilliant at jugaad and look at what it can produce when combined with intelligence and determination.