'Brushstroke cake' is the latest trend to hit Instagram and it will make you hungry [Photos]

Kalabasa Bakery in Moscow has come up with brushstroke cakes. Time to go packing!

Kalabasa Bakery in Moscow, Russia is doing great service to humankind by presenting delicious ethereal feather cakes which are becoming a new trend and we are not surprised. The bakery is mostly famous for selling layer cakes and all kinds of pastries (OmgOmgOmg). Most chefs give a very basic outlook to the cakes and rather focus on the texture and taste of the cake because after all, cake is no cake without good fluffy cream and icing, but Kalabasa Bakery goes miles ahead to innovate and champion their art. Not only does their product taste rich and creamy, they also look like art.

Loosely called the ‘brushstroke cakes’, the front of the cake is decorated with dreamy chocolate feathers, and are finished with delicate airbrushing and chocolate spatters. The gorgeous exterior would definitely make one stop and appreciate the beauty of the cake before digging into a bite.

Without further ado, check out these yumilicious dreamy ‘Brushstroke cakes’ by Kalabasa Bakery:

Only only ‘Brushstroke cakes’, we bet you cannot keep your eyes off these other gorgeous cakes too:

Dripping in drool? Well, you are not alone. Tell us your favourite one of them in the comments section below.