Bride re-united with 150-year old wedding dress has viral post on Facebook to thank for her beaming smile

The antique wedding dress belonged to her great great grandmother and obviously held great value to the bride.

While social media is not always the most brilliant place to be, it does create stories that make our day sometimes. What happens with Edinburgh’s Tess Newall makes for a similar heartwarming story.

The soon to-be bride decided to wear her great great grandmother’s antique lace dress for her wedding but her dreams came shattering down when the drycleaners she gave it to shut down abruptly. Newall lost the dress and posted on Facebook lamenting her loss and hows it broke her heart to have this happen before her wedding. Tess Newall spoke of how distraught she was when the dress was misplaced following the closing down of Kleen Cleaners in St. Mary Street, Edinburgh. Her post on social media received more that 2,000 shares and clearly people were as moved about her loss as she was.

The 29-year old got married to John Newall in the antique dress just like she had wished to. Newall sent the dress to be dry cleaned in September and the shop shut in October. Newall told a media house that the antique wedding dress was found when the landlord of the property where the dry cleaners is called them up to inform of the dress. Her earlier correspondence with the drycleaners had earned her a reponse which took away the little hope she might have had.

The landlord’s nephew had read about the dress and began his search for it thereafter. He found an old pile of lace and soon figured out it was the dress. When Tess’ parents went to get it, the dress was still uncleaned and had the ticket on it. For obvious reasons thereafter, Tess and her family decided to send the wedding dress for cleaning at a place where it could be within their sight.

Each one of us who has ever worn or had the wish to wear an antique dress belonging to someone from our family can easily make out what Tess must have gone through. Kudos to social media for reuniting her with the dress and ensuring she wears her best smile on the day of her wedding.