Bridal magazine gets into trouble for Tamil bride's side-slit sari on cover

Jodi magazine's cover picture featuring a Tamil bride seems to have shown more leg than some people are comfortable with.

Fashion and culture have since long been at loggerheads with each other and somehow it ceases to surprise us anymore when a magazine cover gets onto the wrong side of tradition. At the centre of this discussion this time round is the picture of a stylized Tamil bride on the cover of Jodi magazine, who has surely gotten into trouble with a large amount of the population.

Toronto based Jodi magazine is a South-Asian bridal magazine that particularly caters to Indians living in Canada. What about the picture has gotten them into trouble is the fact that the bride’s sari has a huge side-slit and reveals the legs. Several took to Jodi’s Facebook post to express their displeasure at this photo and argued as to how no Tamil bride dresses this way and that it is insensitive of the magazine to poke fun at a culture this way.

People seemed to be very miffed at the magazine for messing with their culture and at how they could make a Tamil bride drape her sari this way. Several took to commenting on Jodi’s Facebook post.

Some also came out in support of the photo and the team behind it took to commenting on the post to make people see reason.

It’s difficult to figure out where this is going but seems like just another case of conflict between culture and fashion. With art of any sort somehow this issue has occurred more frequently, and we are waiting to see what turn this matter takes.