#BoycottVeereDiWedding Is A Thing Because Actresses Dared To Protest Rape Culture

They called it 'a blatant copy' of Sex and the City (please, how?) to calling it a 'B grade Luv Ranjan' film (LAWL WUT?)

As soon as the trailer for ‘Veere Di Wedding’ released, it garnered lakhs of views, thanks to its star cast. While most viewers loved the chick-flick’s trailer, many were quick to judge the movie with a ‘majority female’ star-cast. From calling it ‘a blatant copy’ of Sex and the City (please, how?) to calling it a ‘B grade Luv Ranjan’ film (LAWL WUT?), the “critics” (read: haters) did not hold back.

And then the hashtag ‘#BoycottVeereDiWedding’ started floating around on Twitter yesterday:

What is the reason behind this hashtag? Why are people boycotting the movie? Here’s why:

Swara’s film carrier has been ruined apparently. Thank god her lucrative career can ensure that she buys another carrier, TBH.

ICYM the context, people are angry because the three main leads of the movie (Swara, Kareena and Sonam) expressed anger over the rape of a minor in Jammu. Conspiracy theories against Bollywood actors started trending a few weeks ago where people said Bollywood actors are affiliated with the underworld and ‘Anti-Hindu’ organizations and are ruining ‘India’s reputation’ for money. People were quick to call their posts ‘selective outrage’ against Hindus and are now ready to boycott the movie to teach them a ‘lesson’:

Such a sane reaction to rape and rape culture, y’all. Is it any wonder that crimes against women are on the rise?