Bored of living on Earth? Time to shift to Asgardia

Time to live in space

Are you bored of living on earth and of the endless conflicts that have endangered the life on the seemingly peaceful planet? Are you looking for some adventure in life? How about shifting to space permanently?

Thanks to a group of scientists, mankind now has an exclusive opportunity to colonise space. The project is called ‘Asgardia’ and the good news is that anyone can become a citizen of this space-nation!

So what is Asgardia?
Asgardia is the brain-child of Russian scientist Igor Ashurbeyli that intends to create ‘a fully-fledged and independent nation’ in space. As the website states, the name Asgardia comes from Norse mythology, where Asgard was the city of gods in the sky. Much like in the movie Thor, where Asgard was a realm ruled by Odin.

“Asgardia is the prototype of a free and unrestricted society which holds knowledge, intelligence and science at its core along with the recognition of the ultimate value of each human life,” the website states.

The plan was unveiled in Paris on October 12, 2016 and it aims to launch its first satellite in 2017 to mark the 60th anniversary of the world’s first satellite orbit in space.

Who can be an Asgardian?
Technically anyone can be a member of the space-nation. All you have to do is apply for the membership and if you are lucky to be a part of the top 1 million applicants, you might earn yourself and exclusive place in space.

As of now, 358976 people have applied for the citizenship of Asgardia, which means you have ample time to be a part of the project that is going to usher the space age.

How can I join Asgardia?
Well, the good news is that unlike in Thor, you don’t need a Bifrost to travel or be a member of the space-community. All you have to do is log on to and register.

So hurry up folks, this might be your only chance to book yourself an apartment in the space!