Barcelona's miserable defeat last night brought out Twitter's savage trolling skills!

Can't talk for Barcelona, but Twitterati had a no-chill V-day.

For even those among us who are not very well connected to the football circuit, FC Barcelona sounds familiar. Now, another name that several among us might not be as familiar with is PSG aka Paris Saint-German. How this comparatively lesser known name catapaulted to fame overnight is what has made February 14 a lot more memorable and even surprising for several football fans.

No, the team did not do anything special for Valentine’s day that suddenly gained them all this fandom. What they did is knocked out FC Barcelona 4-0 in their Champion Leagues match last night. PSG’s Angel di Maria gained hero status with his two goals that pushed the team to their victory. Twitter feels Barca lost miserably and in their record of taking down teams that lose, they let out all their savage trolling talent. You see, Twitter only likes their teams as long as they are on a winning streak. When popular FC Barca lost the match, Twitterati predictably lost all their calm!

This one fan still decided to stick around. Talk about loyalty.

Others of course, decided to continue being savage. Because what’s the point of being on Twitter if you do not every once in a while deliver some burns, right?

Valentine’s day jokes made their way and as is clear Twitterati had no chill over football last night!