Arjun Kapoor Lashes Out At Website For Ridiculous Article About Janhvi Kapoor's Bra Strap

It would be pretty predictable if we say ‘Indian media hits a new low’, so we’re just gonna go with ‘Indian media did exactly what was  expected of them’. Recently, A website wrote an article with a title that read- Janhvi Kapoor wore such a sexy dress that everything was visible. Yep. Let that sink in.

Inside the article they go on to describe how when Jahnavi got out of the car, the back neck of her dress was so deep that her bra strap was visible. Blasphemy!

The website tweeted out the article and tagged Arjun Kapoor in the tweet because why the hell not, right? When Arjun came across this tweet he lost his cool (as any sane person would) and lashed out at the website.

Check what he tweeted:

Soon enough, Twitter came to Arjun Kapoor’s support:

Alright Indian media, ya’ll really need to figure out what’s wrong with you. ASAP.