April Fool's day prank gone horribly wrong? This playlist might help you sort things out

This April Fool's Day playlist is here to prove that there is nothing good music cannot fix.

April Fool’s Day is almost here and most of you must have your list of pranks and victims ready. Ever wondered songs too could be a crucial part of this day’s celebration, just like they are a part of every other celebration? Plus never know when a prank might go horribly wrong and in such cases music can come in very handy.

From ‘Nobody’s Fool’ by Avril Lavigne to ‘Everybody’s Fool’ by Evanescence there are several songs centred around fools and foolishness we’ve come across in our lives. The famous Mohammad Rafi song ‘April fool banaya’ in the 1964 movie ‘April Fool’ is one of the most popular Bollywood songs associated with this day. Though songs might not have figured in most of our celebrations, we can all relate to having doubted everything we are told on this day and might have been pranked on horribly by siblings.

April Fool’s day is one on which people spread hoaxes and crack all kinds of impractical jokes. We assure you though that this playlist is a very genuine one and might be one of the rare genuine things you come across today.

Fool on the Hill by The Beatles

No playlist is complete without The Beatles and this song is sure to fix any hurt a  prank might have caused your friend.

Chain of Fools by Arethra Franklin

Known for her feet-tapping jazz music, trust this song to get the hurt victims of your pranks onto the dance floor with you.

For a Fool by The Shins

Yes, we know that sounds a lot like a song that would make things worse by rubbing the prank in. But there is nothing a bit of soft rock or alternative music cannot solve.

Fool for You by Zayn Mallik

Pissed the love of your life off with that horrible prank? Believe us this song’s got the lyrics and Zayn Mallik in it to fix it all for you.

Everybody plays the Fool by The Main Ingredient

To end this playlist with, here’s some philosophical ‘gyaan’ combined with nice music for a day dedicated to fools and fooling.

We hope all the fooling around did not cause more damage than these songs could handle. Good luck fixing things if they still aren’t fixed though!