Apparently that viral blue-eyed chaiwala turned model is not Pakistani

The blue-eyed chaiwala who had stolen hearts on social media a while is allegedly not from Pakistani. Here's all you need to know

If you have forgotten the blue-eyed chaiwala who had stolen hearts on the internet a while ago, then let us refresh your memory. According to recent reports however, it looks like Arshad Khan, the blue-eyed Pakistani chaiwala is not even Pakistani. The fight over Arshad’s nationality has been in the news for a while now. Sources from the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) reportedly told Pakistani News Channel, Geo News, that Arshad did not have any legal documents to prove his Pakistani nationality.

Apparently, the social media heartthrob had applied for a Pakistani CNIC (Computerised National ID Card) using fraudulent documents.

Arshad Khan, 18, used to sell chai at the Itwaar Bazaar or Sunday Market in Islamabad. He became an internet sensation when Jiah Ali, a local photographer clicked his picture and posted it on Instagram. As women across the globe and across ethnicities went gaga over pictures, Arshad began began appearing on television to give interviews to media houses.

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It isn’t very clear what the final version of this long drawn out origin debate is however.

Geo News declares that Arshad’s family allegedly comes from Kandahar in Afghanistan, which makes our internet sensation Afghanistani by origin. Arshad Khan has however rubbished these reports but reportedly hasn’t been able to provide the required documents to back his claims.

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We don’t care which country you are from Arshad, you are certainly welcome to India.

Story source: Geo News