Anushka Sharma urges fans to have a PAWsitive Diwali

The initiative seeks to make Diwali noise-free for animals

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has taken a step towards making India a safer place for dogs. Through a video, the actress endorsed her ‘PAWsitive Diwali’ initiative where she requests everyone to enjoy a noise-free Diwali. After all, it is the festival of lights, not one of the loud noises. The initiative is a part of Anushka Sharma’s own foundation.

Diwali gets a bit annoying for all of us as the blasts continue into the night. For dogs, who are known to have better hearing than humans, the festival borders on torture. The loud bangs can instill fear, stress and a feeling of terror in dogs.

The video begins with a disclaimer, “Please reduce the volume of your speakers as the sounds you hear may hurt your ears,” which is followed by loud noises from Diwali crackers. Anushka then clarifies that unlike humans, dogs can’t be made aware of the noises. They can’t be told to cover their ears and thus, they must live through the tormenting experience. Other animals, birds, are also subjected to a similar torture.

“They wait for the spark in your eyes. They like to see you smile. And they absolutely LOVE to have you around. How about you show your furry buddies some love too this Diwali 2016. Have a PAWsitive Diwali,” she says. Anushka raises the concern of helping all of these voiceless creatures who suffer in silence and urges everyone to “light up everyone’s life,” including theirs.

(Courtesy: GIPHY)