'Among' all his excitement to build a wall, Trump puts out misspelt tweet!

Just in case the deleted tweet made you think he was re-considering the wall.

Donald Trump had announced his intention to build a wall in order to keep America safe from immigrants coming in via Mexico. True to his totally out of line promises, Trump tweeted to announce how serious he was about his wall-building plan. He announced the plan on Tuesday and more details are expected to be in soon. After all, what else does America have a President for if he cannot manage to keep ‘outsiders’ outside.

As if the matter in the tweet was not explosive enough already, the brand new President misspelled among and gave Twitter another reason for some Trump-bashing. He was quick to delete the tweet and re-tweeted with the accurate spelling. No, in the re-tweet he did not retract on his wall-building venture. But when its Trump in the White House, every day is a field day for Twitter.

He manages to Trump us over, every single time. Among other things, details on the wall are still awaited.