Amitabh Bachchan And His Tweets. Is Everything Okay?

Okay, first of all:

We get that it’s 2018 and everyone is obsessed with their ‘follower’ count, but when a celebrity as huge as Amitabh Bachchan constantly obsesses over and ‘questions’ Twitter about why his follower count isn’t increasing, it’s a tad too weird. No seriously, we do expect teen vloggers living in their parent’s penthouse to whine about their follower count, but Mr Bachchan’s social media equivalent of spoiled foot-stomping is SO difficult to digest.

Alright maybe the first tweet was kinda cute and goofy:

And maybe the second one made us chuckle a little bit:

But Mr. B has brought up the topic for the third time and now it’s just irritating. Twitter seems to agree too!

It’s not a race, Mr Bachchan. There’s no Filmfare equivalent on Twitter so cribbing won’t accomplish anything, really. Oh and also, someone please get him a good social media manager pliss?