BREAKING NEWS from Lahore: Donald Trump was born a Pakistani!

It is said that Donald Trump's "real" name is Dawood Ibrahim Khan and he was born in Wazirabad, Pakistan.

The 2016 US Presidential elections may have worked in the favour of Republican candidate Donald Trump but not everything else is pretty much headed south. The most utterly bizarre thing you’ll hear today. Donald Trump, the xenophobic, anti-Muslim, anti-immigration President-Elect, is a Pakistani. Or some would say that he is. Although, it makes sense that his Hindi is so awesome then, right?


Okay, maybe it’s not a fact but, the latest trend on the internet is a certain news segment from Neo News, a Pakistani news channel, which addressed the rumours of Donald Trump being a Pakistani. According to Neo News, Twitterati have been compiling stories of Donald Trump’s Pakistani roots. It is said that his “real” name is Dawood Ibrahim Khan (wow, how very original).

They say that Trump was born in Waziristan, Pakistan and after his parents’ death, he was taken to London by a British-Indian army official where the Trump family adopted him. Talk about pulling shit right out of your ass.

What’s absolutely hilarious is that the channel reports these obviously sarcastic comments as actual facts based on the “legitimate” source of Twitter. What’s more? Oh yeah, Trump’s childhood photos back in Pakistan.