AIB's 'Udd Gaye' proves we need more independent music, less Bollywood item numbers

Every few years there comes a breakthrough artist who revolutionizes the international music scene– that’s not how we work though. Our country’s music scene has majorly been dominated by Bollywood. Gone are the days when we had indie artists like Euphoria and Kailash Kher on the radio.

The Honey Singhs and Anu Maliks, with their repetitive music and disastrous lyrics, have hijacked our clubs, radios and recommended lists (thanks YouTube!). No matter where you go, the same crappy music is thrown at your face… and then came AIB’s Bacardi House Party Song- Udd gaye.

This song is a lovely mix of the talent our independent artists have. Needless to say, our country really needs variety, because right now we’re all obsessed with cheesy, recycled item numbers for lack of better options. This trippy track by Ritviz has everything you need in a perfect feel-good song – the beats, beautiful lyrics, fusion between electronic music and desi beats – basically everything you need in a desi song. No one can resist swaying to this ultimate house party anthem!

If you haven’t heard AIB and Ritwiz’s song, here it is:

India’s independent music scene is quietly on the rise and is very promising. Here’s the sad part: They have no exposure. Most of us still think India’s independent music scene died with The Aryans and Indian Ocean. Check out our list and we’re pretty sure you’ll never wanna listen to a Bollywood bop ever again:

Parekh And Singh

An Indian dream pop duo from Kolkata, Nischay Parekh and Jivraj Singh, grabbed eyeballs with their Wes Anderson inspired aesthetic and the director himself expressed his fondness for the duo’s creation! Their whimsical music is something dreams are made of. Check them out:

When Chai Met Toast

Hints of desi beats with passionate lyrics, this quartet makes music that talks to the soul. Check them out:


Mumbai-based Sanaya Ardeshir has performed alongside some of the biggest DJs at Sunburn. The way she blends electronic music with desi feels is amazing. Check out one of her projects:

Raja kumari

Spitting fire verses with pure South Asian vibes, Raja Kumari has a very unique sound. Check her out:

Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan’s latest song ‘Sang Hoon Tere’ is taking the internet by storm. If you haven’t heard it yet, here you go:

Siddharth Basrur

Looking for music that soothes your soul? Check out Siddharth Basrur. He has also contributed to Bollywood movies like Haunted 3D, Players and David, but his independenly produced tracks are something else:


He dropped the bass so hard, we’re still looking for it:

Let’s make music great again, shall we?