AIB's CHILL video is fabulous but wasted on us since we love outraging for no reason

This throwback video by All India Bakchod is an eye-opener for everyone who is too busy taking offence in our country

All India Bakchod is well known for its share of controversies. AIB posted a meme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Snapchat’s dog filter on his face, and it resulted in an FIR against group member Tanmay Bhat. The quick response by Mumbai Police and later its cyber division has left several with their jaws unhinged.

The cyber police squad in Mumbai has filed the complaint for “defamation” and “transmitting obscene material”. At such times here is a look at a throwback video by AIB that sums up what we are feeling right now. The opening lines is guaranteed to give you a lot of feels:

“For centuries now India’s glorious culture has been built on its robust heritage of people being able to take offence to anything at all.”

In this hilarious video, AIB’s Rohan Joshi describes that a psychological warfare that has overtaken the country.

The people of the community CHILL (Cool Headed Individuals Living Logically) seem to be not taking offence anymore! Imagine what would happen if this was real.


In this purely fictional video, AIB describes a world where people plagued with the phenomena of not giving a s*** and to counter that politicians, journalists, parents and organisations alike are trying to cure these afflicted souls. The video is a hilarious take on the intolerance of the society we live in and how we manage to become hyper over nothing at all. Literally anything can cause us to erupt for no reason at all. It also resonates with how as a country, we are increasingly becoming impatient with criticism or even light-hearted mockery. In the video, the fictitious group of CHILL trains people to be unaffected, which is surely something we need today.


And Shashi Tharoor and Derek O’Brien jumped into the puddle of trolls saying that they are willingly taking up the #DogFilter Challenge.


It’s the weekend. Time for a little bit of fun ___

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To have such sporty politicians, it’s a shame some can’t even handle a tiny joke.

In case you missed the meme and the Tweets that Tanmay had followed up with:

Twitter Screenshot Twitter Screenshot Twitter Screenshot Twitter Screenshot

Clearly India is crime free because we are now punishing jokes instead of chasing criminals.