After 10 Long Years, 'Strings' Is Back With A Beautiful New Album

Dhaani Chunariya is a track that can take any 90s kid back to a time where Pakistan’s pop scene was taking over our ‘walkmans’. Here’s some amazing news- the good old days when heartfelt music could touch your soul, are *maybe* coming back.

After last week’s news about A Band Of Boys performing in Pune got us all riled up, there’s another childhood favorite band that is releasing its new album after 10 looong years- Strings! The band that gave us hits like Dhaani and duur is back with 2 singles from their new album and the melodies in both the songs are as beautiful as they were 20 years ago-

After giving us some amazing songs that became anthems for the youth, the band disbanded in 1992 to focus on individual careers. While they were still recording projects here and there, they briefly got together in 2008 when John Abraham co-produced their album ‘Koi Aaney Wala Hai’. Their music was featured in movies like Zinda, Shootout at Lokhandwala and Spiderman but we didn’t get any originals for 10 long years! Aren’t you glad that we have YouTube now to listen to these jams on repeat?

Also, check out their old bangers, for nostalgia’s sake:

Happy listening, kids!