Absolut Vodka is looking to replace their 'billion dollar nose', and they might just be here with your dream job!

Do send in your resume to Absolut if you think your nose has what it takes to land this absolutely brilliant job.

Absolut’s vodka has been a favourite among the spirit’s fans and that kind of a fan club does not come for nothing. Per Hermannson has been Absolut’s ‘billion dollar nose’ tasting and smelling their vodka to absolute perfection. And now, the brand is looking for someone to replace him.

For those hearing his name for the first time, here’s the man:

Yes, you heard that right. Absolut vodka is looking for a full-time drinker, but not just someone who drinks a lot of it. The brand’s job listing says that they are looking for a “Master Sensory Designer and Strategist with a billion dollar nose”. If you seriously consider this job you should be equipped with “documented blending skills” and a “comprehension of texture in spirits.” Now, while this is a lot better than the corporates who demand 25-year olds have ten-year long work experience, it’s no child’s play. After all, you’d be carrying forward a legacy and ensure Absolut remains the king on the basis of your taste bud and sensory skills.

It might be safe to assume that the salary package is something you would not have to bargain for once you land this job. So, if you think you have what it takes to be the “billion dollar nose”, your dream job is here brought to you by Absolut.