A list of 11 random things that 'offended' Indians in 2017

Here's a list of all the perfectly non-offensive things that pissed Indians off in 2017

Ah, 2017. The year wasn’t all bad, was it? We witnessed some amazing feel-good moments like Manushi Chillar becoming Miss World, Baahubali 2 taking over the Box Office worldwide, Virat-Anushka’s wedding and what not. There have been cozy, heart-warming stories throughout this year that have lifted our spirits.

Enough with the positivity though, here’s a list of 11 times we fared horribly as a nation:

1) Padmavati

How dare you make a movie (that we haven’t even seen yet) that shows our (allegedly imaginary) queen in a bad light (again, we haven’t seen the movie).


2) Priyanka Chopra meeting the PM in a dress

Saari not saari, Priyanka. You should’ve covered your legs up. Who cares if it’s 2017? And more importantly, who cares if the PM didn’t give a damn about what you wore? We’re offended, desi girl.


3) Sunny Leone’s Navratri-themed condom ad

Because everyone knows nobody hooks up during Navratri. LOL. Also, Indians don’t have sex, okay?

4) Mahira Khan smoking with Ranbir Kapoor

Mahira, being a woman, you should’ve known better. First of all, you smoked, how dare you? Secondly, smoked with a man? Don’t blame us if people question your character. Everyone knows women stay in ghunghats inside the kitchen.

5) Irrfan Khan’s wife wore nail paint

This one was absolutely horrendous. Cricketer, Irrfan Khan’s wife, *cough* model *cough*  Safa Baig dared to bare her hands on social media. Not just that, she also wore nail paint. What were you thinking?

6) Lisa Haydon breastfed her baby

Okay, a mom breastfeeding her baby is SO unnatural. Eww. Why not do something more natural instead, like perform an item number dressing up in skimpy clothing and call yourself chikni, whilst gyrating amongst a group of men who are doing nothing but objectifying you?

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7) AIB made a meme on the PM

How dare you AIB, how dare you make a meme on the PM. And it’s not like it was a fun, non-provocative meme: they added a dog filter to the PM’s face! This is so derogatory, TBH.

8) Snapchat’s CEO called us a poor country

As of 2017, India is home to 31 per cent of the world’s poor kids and more than 528 million (52.8 crore) Indians are below the poverty live but, errmm, excuse me, you cannot just call us poor? (source)

In fact, many Indians even uninstalled the app in protest.

9) Censor Board was offended by Lipstick Under My Burkha

Dude, it’s 2017, we aren’t cool and comfortable with things that are too ‘lady-oriented’ right now. Back off, progressive attitudes.

11) Flash mob while wearing a HIJAB!?

Hijab-clad women and flash mob don’t go together (even if it’s for a good cause). You’re answerable to the Lord almighty who is clearly against dancing. Have some sharam, girls.