90s VS now: Why modern cartoons can never match up to the classics

Besides being romanticized by nostalgic millennials, the creators of ’90s cartoons had a wild imagination that left their audience hooked to the shows.

Think Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed Edd n Eddy, Dexter’s Labratory: weird shows, right? But still pretty iconic, TBH. Fans of Flintstones or The Jetsons may lament the quality of today’s cartoons like Chhota Bheem, Motu Patlu, Jhonny Test, Teen Titans Go. They often are left wondering whether these shows have the same charm. The answer isn’t that simple. Yes, today’s shows have their own quirks, but they’re more character-driven and lack the intriguing stories and innocence our cartoons had. We’re not saying all new cartoons are bad, but the cartoons of old were a lovely mixture of odd plot-line with actual information we could learn from. Why do you think channels are re-running the older cartoons or introducing sequels to the original shows?

Try and compare the ’90s and modern version of “The Powerpuff Girls” with the show’s reboot. Most episodes revolve around emotions the sisters go through, unwanted comedic plots and sarcastic jibes unlike the older version which was your basic good vs evil plot.

Our biggest pet peeve is the lack of theme songs in modern cartoons. We still remember the Dexter, ScoobyDoo or Baby Looney Tunes theme songs by heart, something modern cartoons lack. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE THEME SONGS?

To fire up your nostalgia, here’s a list of your favorite 90s cartoons:

Dexter’s Lab

The misadventures of boy genius who always slips away to his secret lab to come up with solutions to various problems while his sister Dee Dee ruins his experiments.


Powerpuff Girls

Professor Utonium’s little girls- Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup protect the world from mad scientists, robbers and aliens.


Johnny Bravo

Mr. Bravo- failing to impress women since 1995!



Come on, we all wanted to go to Teletubby land as kids!


Looney Tunes

It was always Disney VS Looney Tunes, but let’s face it- Bugs Bunny over Mickey Mouse any day!


Ed Edd and Eddy

Three boys trying to survive adolescence while trying to figure out how to be cool, getting girlfriends, escaping homework and everything else!

Scooby Doo

Our parents used to watch this with us because literally everyone loves Scooby Doo.


Courage the cowardly dog

Three words – strange but iconic.


The Flintstones

Misadventures of a modern stone-age man, Fred Flintsone always found himself getting into trouble and finding a way out.


Richie Rich

Forget Doraemon, all we wanted was Richie Rich’s gadgets!

And here’s why these shows can never match up-

Motu Patlu

Not only is the animation horrible, but the story lines are equally crappy. Most of their ‘ hilarious situations’ either revolve around samosas or are the same story over and over again.

Chhota Bheem

The unimaginative storylines, the tacky animation, playing ‘aiyoo’ every time a south Indian character pops up and other such incredibly ignorant quirks makes us swipe left.

Teen Titans

Teen Titans Go started off as a filler show, and clearly CN still puts the same minuscule amount of time creating its full fledged episodes. They play around with self-deprecating humor and other fourth-wall-breaking things but have no actual plot or humor.