7 underrated Indian rap artists who will make your playlist a better place

Yes, there are loads of underground rappers out there and no, we're not talking about Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah

If you ever sit down and compile a list songs that do well on the Indian charts, you won’t find (authentic, not the crappy Bollywood versions) rap music on the list. This isn’t because we have a dearth of talented rappers, but purely because we haven’t given them the platform they deserve!

Over the past few years though, some underground Indian rappers have been making waves on SoundCloud and YouTube. Yes, there are loads of underground rappers out there and no, we’re not talking about Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah. Get to know these talented kids before they blow up:


Divine has gained major clout ever since his track ‘Mere Gully Mein’ made it big on the Indian underground hip-hop scene. This breakout track was a shout out to the people of the slums of Mumbai and was even picked up by Puma for their ‘Suede Gully’ campaign. Killin’ it, Divine!


He isn’t signed by any label, but honestly, he doesn’t need one. His mad flow, crazy beats and his true-to-the-Mumabi-streets style make him one of the hottest Indian rappers in the hip-hop scene right now!

The Quixotic

Delhi-based rapper Quixotic has lyrics that’ll get you thinking. His smooth flow and trippy beats will have you playing his tracks on a loop.

Brodha V

His strange fusion of hip-hop with largely Hindustani/devotional music makes for an interesting listen. Plus, his delivery is pretty effortless. He’s been getting them YouTube hits, but not the attention he deserves.

MC Prabh Deep

Mixing Punjabi lyrics with crazy gangster rap, MC Prabh Deep is a star on the rise in a major way. The Delhi-based MC raps about the socio-economic circumstances that govern life on Delhi’s streets.

Brotha Hood

Brotha Hood raps about his life, journey and important subject matters. A truly talented rapper from Mumbai, add him to your playlist now.


Naezy raps about grim topics, the reality of the system and country, in general. He delivers his tracks with a lot of passion, uniqueness and authenticity that makes him a truly underrated artist.