7 Times Pugs Proved They're The Coolest Dogs On The Planet

Have you ever wanted a little bundle of unconditional love? Warm cuddles? Endless hugs? The answer to these wants and needs is pretty simple. No, not a boyfriend, you need a clumsy, squishy, fuzzy best friend. The answer is: a pug.

No seriosuly, Pugs are chill with everybody. Gotta baby in the house? Kids love Pugs. Grandpa? Old people love Pugs. Got a moody teen in the house? Teens love Pugs too. Still not sold on why Pugs are the best? Alright, let’s try harder. Now 500 words aren’t enough to describe how badass Pugs really are, but let’s get right down to business..

Puggo don’t care about your camera, puggo will sleep right when you’re filming. Sometimes, on your camera.

Pugs don’t give a flying f*ck about sharing food, they eats when they eats and you can’t eat what they eats. Simple.

They don’t have time for your chit chat, they have shit to do.

Pugs can be bigger Instagram star than most humans. Just saying.

Unlike other dogs, Pugs take playfights very seriously.

Bigger dogs? Yeah, they exist because Pugs need them to be their beds.

Yes Pugs are badasses, but they’re emotional too and betrayal is NOT an option cuz they’ll cry their eyes out. Thanks for the treachery, Linda.