7 Things On Every Student's Mind As Board Exams Get Closer

Exams are something we all fear in school, but board exams are a whole new level.

In India, 90% of the students have the exact same thoughts when their board exams are just around the corner. For us, exams are like The Hunger Games, The Triwizard Tournament and Mortal Kombat combined into one deadly competition. Here are some thoughts all students have before the final showdown:

1. ‘Ek din mein ek subject, in 14 days I’ll have enough time to revise everything twice.’
And then going from finishing one chapter a day to rushing through the entire syllabus in an hour.


2. ‘I’m gonna make a very detailed time table about which subject am I going to study, when am I going to study it, what will I be wearing whilst studying it.’
But then we end up spending more time making a timetable than actually studying.


3. ‘Why don’t I just do last year’s question paper instead? Duh!’
When we realize that all the chapters in all the subjects is a big humse na ho payega.

4. ‘I studied the entire day yesterday. I’m gonna take a 2 hour break today.
Aaaand that break lasts the entire day.


5. ‘Ratta maarna padega’
What we turn to when we realize it’s too late to ‘learn’ now. We’re basically photo-copy machines at this point.


6. ‘Bhagwaan ji pls help’
As we run to the pooja room and the religious priest inside us magically awakens. Nothing awakens spirituality  in students as a board exam can.

7. In the end, we just acknowledge that this one is a lost cause, but always re-insure ourselves by thinking ‘Eh, screw it. I’ll do better next time.’