7 Struggles Only People Who Work On Weekends Will Understand

Working on weekends is abso-freaking-lutely horrible. Here are some of the struggles that only people who work on weekends will understand

Everybody’s gotta work, right? Not on weekends though, that’s just you. Life sucks, suck to be you.

It’s sad when the word ‘weekend’ has no meaning for you, especially when you realize that all your buddies are relaxing or partying during the ‘weekend’ which you don’t get. Cuz you’re working.

People who get Saturday-Sunday offs can never understand what it is like to work on weekends. It’s abso-freaking-lutely horrible and no we aren’t exaggerating. Here are some of the struggles that only people who work on weekends will understand:

1. Shoutout to my dead social life

Literally everyone else on the  planet has an off when you have to work. RIP to the wild-party child in you.

2. What co-workers?

Since the entire office doesn’t show up on weekends, it’s just you and 5 other people sitting awkwardly, waiting for the clock to strike 6 like your life depends on it.

3. What targets?

Okay, can we all agree that literally nobody meets their targets on a Sunday?

4. Hello hangovers.

If you give into peer pressure and go partying on a weekend, you have to show up with a bitchin’ headache the next day.

5. No squad for your ‘weekends’

You have nobody to celebrate your Tuesday/Wednesday offs with.

6. TGIF who?

Whenever some says TGIF or have a good weekend, they’re just fueling the deep rage burning inside you.

7. Planning a long weekend trip with friends?