7 signs you need to ditch your roommate ASAP

Is it time to break-up with your roommate? These 7 signs are reason enough

When you’re a young  20-something who has just left their parent’s house to be independent, you’ll have to live with a complete stranger (unless you move out with a friend, which is great). Sometimes, you end up becoming best friends. But if you’re unlucky (which you probably are), a horrible roommate will enter abode and leave your life in shambles.

Is it time to break up with your roommate? These seven signs are reason enough:

1. They think their dishes will magically clean themselves

If the maid fails to show up for two consecutive days, their dirty dishes just lay around the room like trophies. They won’t even bother to pick them up and keep them near the sink. You need to let them know there’s no Wingardium Leviosa at play here, my homies.


2. They eat up everything

They’re the actual definition of a hog. Not only will they eat everything in the fridge, they won’t even bother enough to replace the groceries.


3. They wake up at 2 am to play really loud music

We get it, your roommate is 21 and wants to jump around all night coz they’re ‘independent’. If you’re a night-owl who wants to join in, great! If not, you gotta kick them out. Nothing is more important than a good night’s sleep FFS.


4. You saved a slice of cake in the fridge last night but it’s gone

Basically, they take all your things without your permission. Nobody should have to put up with this!


5. They never re-fill the bottles in the fridge

Now you understand why your mom wanted to murder you when you wouldn’t fill those bottles in the kitchen.


6. They’re dating someone

Why is this a problem? It’s a constant reminder of the fact that you’re single. Watching your roomie get all mushy with their partner is a staunch reminder of your singledom!


7. They steal your friends

Extroverts are great until they start stealing you friends. If your friends come over and your roommates are all over them, beware! It’s when the same friends text and hangout with your roommate instead of you. Stings, right?