7 signs that you've actually reached the pinnacle of laziness

I'm so lazy I don't even finish my senta-

While most of us don’t like being called lazy because the term generally doesn’t have a positive connotation, we say that you should take pride in being a lazy person. Think about it this way: you’re on energy saving mode all the time!

Jokes aside, over the past few years, our generation has become super used to being lazy because we pretty much have an app for everything and just generally have a lot of things handed to us. Sure, we can call it progress and say it’s not always a bad thing to be lazy but being too lazy it’s not the greatest thing either.

If you religiously do at-least 5 of these things, it’s time to crown yourself the king of lazy town:

Sign no. 1

Do you stay thirsty/hungry for hours because you’re too lazy to get up and go to the kitchen? That, my friend, is the first step towards super lazydom.


Sign no. 2

If your password is your ex’s name who you broke up with 5 years ago, you’re the undefeated champion of laziness.


Sign no. 3

No lazy person gets up to get the remote, ever! If the remote is our of your reach (more than 5 feet away)and you can watch whatever crap (including Bigg Boss), congratulations. You’ve made it.


Sign no. 4

Instead of typing something out on your keyboard, do you sometimes try to look for a post that you know contains a phrase or words close enough to what you’re looking for, click on that, find the words, and then right click and search google for the phrase? Yes, several steps just to avoid sitting up and typing.


Sign no. 5

Do you just send out typos because you’re too lazy to correct the words? You must be a delight to talk to online.

Sign no. 6

You know you’re extremely lazy when Windows asks you to literally just click two buttons to remove your device safely and you don’t do that. Either that, or you’re just a rebel.


Sign no. 7

Do you bathe twice a week because taking a shower everyday is too much work? Please keep deodorants handy, okay?