7 Signs That Prove You Are Jaadu From Koi Mil Gaya In Real Life

Sometimes you just gotta sit down with a warm cup of coffee, look outside the window, take a deep breath and ask youself… could I really be Jaadu From Koi Mil Gaya in Real Life? What are the signs?

Since you’re on the quest to find out if you really, truly are like everyone’s beloved alien Jaadu, we’re here to make your life easier. Here are 7 telltale signs that prove you just might be Jaadu from Koi Mil Gaya IRL-

Always there for your homies
If there’s one thing Jaadu cared about, it was Rohit and the gang. You know you’re Jaadu IRL when you’d take a bullet for your amigos and love them to death.

Lowkey emotional AF
Just like Jaadu, you’re unable to express your love (or any other emotions) but you’re lowkey pretty damn emotional. All you need is a couple of vodka shots (or in Jaadu’s case an entire city and the FBI coming over to screw his case).

Smooth as heck
“Ladies love me, I’m on my cool J”
– Jaadu, 2004.
If you’re a smooth playa like Jaadu, add another point to your ‘Things that make me like Jaadu IRL’ bank.

Can’t dance to save your life
No seriously, Sunny Deol looks like a professional dancer when compared to you. Stop.

Always up for snacks
Jaadu would only shut up when he has had his fix of dhoop, which in your case is a shit loads of pizzas and beer. Same difference.

Hate leaving your bed
Kidnapping you is legit the only way to get you to leave your house, but once you’re out you are the life of the party fo shizzle.

Lazy AF
You can’t run to save your life (quite literally in Jaadu’s case, cuz you know the FBI was chasing him and everything) and you’d literally make your friends carry you around everywhere if you could.