7 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Your Real BFF

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve got plenty of human best friends. It’s just that we’ve unlocked the key to eternal happiness- a dog best friend.

Think about it, dogs are pretty awesome. Whether they’re asking for food,  barking at their leash to get you to take them on a walk, or getting excited when you reach home, dogs have the ability to put a smiles on your face at any given time. It’s about time you gave them official BFF status too.

Here are 7 reasons to ditch your BFF for a 4 legged pal (as if you really need any):

Don’t need to buy ’em gifts.

Watches and perfumes on birthdays? Nah. A belly scratch will be enough thanks.


No judgements

Your dog will not judge you for your drunken club hookup last night. Or for texting your ex. No really though, don’t do that.


Quality wingman.

Let’s face it, your best friend is a shit wing man. You little ball of fluff however is not only an amazing wingman but also an amazing conversation starter.


They’re always excited to see you

Your BFFs underestimate your importance because they’re used to being around you. Bleh. Your puppy BFF will always be excited to see you, just like he was the first time he met you.


Best movie night partners

They won’t ruin movie night by telling you who dies in the end. You know, ’cause they can’t talk.

Perfect third wheel

You can’t  take your human-friends with you on dates- that’s just awkward. Your puppy bestfriend, however, would be an excellent addition to the perfect date. And if your date turns out to be boring, you’ll at least have an entertaining little puppy by your side.

They’re adorable AF. Period.