7 Indian Ads That You Just Can't Explain To Foreigners

They say Japan is the land of bizarre ads. These people clearly haven't seen these 7 Indian ads.

Advertising is an art that requires creative brilliance and a sense of aesthetics. You have under a minute to communicate a story to the viewers, connect them to the product and make sure the concept sticks with them.

Not every ad agency cares about this though. They say Japan is the land of bizarre ads. They clearly haven’t seen Indian ads. From straight out whacky ads to ads where they fail to mention the product, here are seven Indian ads that are pretty difficult to explain to someone who isn’t from India:

1. Lijjat Papad

While Lijjat Papad is hands down the OG papad brand we all love, how are you going to explain the creepy bunnies going eh-eh-eh to someone who doesn’t understand Hindi? Why are the bunnies smiling like psychopaths and just casually chilling with the family like it’s no big deal?

Also, Bunnies don’t eat papad. Just saying.

2. Fair And Handsome

This downright offensive ad has sexism AND racism- bonus points ya’ll! Good luck explaining our obsession with gender roles and fair skin to you non-Indian friends. Who approved this?

3. Chlormint

This one’s like Melody chocolaty kyu hai, but at least Melody helps you out by telling you Melody kho khud jaan jao. How’re you gonna explain the paanwala’s unprecedented wrath to people? And when will we find out why are we eating Chlormint? They’re horrible FFS.

4. JK Super Cement

A bikini-clad lady casually walks out of the ocean. Ad ends. They didn’t even flash a cement bag anywhere. Imagine being a non Hindi/English speaker who is trying to comprehend the ad. Product placement on point?

5. Harpic

This is why foreigners are skeptical about visiting India- they think a random man will storm into their house and start cleaning their toilets. Generations of TV actors just barging into your toilets to clean them, whether you like it or not. It’s gonna happen.

6. Finolex Fans

Astronaut runs our of achaar, maa ji finds out and sends Ramu kaka to space using Finolex fans. ‘Japan has the weirdest ads’? Watch this and try saying that again:

7. Veet

So no one realized how insanely sexist this was? I mean, I’d rather be called a boy than have my body absorb nasty chemicals. Not just foreigners, show this to any Indian with a sound mind and watch them go lose all respect for the Indian advertising industry.