5 Times Bollywood Brutally Murdered Basic Laws Of Science

Bollywood and science don’t really go together because Bollywood doesn’t work like that, okay? We love defying the laws of physics, biology and every other branch of Science we can find.

If you’ve got enough time to kill, here are 5 hilarious Bollywood x Science movies you can binge watch-


While we’ve seen a lot of invisible superhero movies, this one takes the cake. Emraan Hashmi disappears and here’s how: He meets with an accident and suffers a radiation attack due to which his blood cells fuse with his Goddamn clothes. HOW? EXPLAIN, someone, please? What is this process called and how does it make you invisible?


In this movie, Dhanush is mute, so SCIENCE helps him- they put a voice chip in his throat and Amitabh Bachchan stands behind him with a mic. Everytime Amitabh talks, the voice comes out of Dhanush’s mouth and he becomes a superstar. This technology had us all perplexed. H..how?


Everything about this movie is just systematic destruction of science. Bipasha Basu is a ‘scientist’ that has said things like- Tumhara radiation kaala hai, uska safed hai. Here’s the highlight: an mp3 file turns a mouse into a hypnotic mouse and Bipasha thinks she will get a Noble award for. Gr8.


A robot gone rogue kidnaps his creator’s wife and informs her that it has acquired the human ability to reproduce. The Robot aka Chitti wishes to marry her so that a machine and a human being can give birth to a preprogrammed child. Now while a robot apocalypse is something we’re all scared of, we’re pretty sure we’re not ready to reproduce with robots just yet. Because, how?

Hasee Toh Phasee

Parineet’s character creates a ball that never stops bouncing unless acted on by an external force. Is this practically possible? No. The reason is that it would violate the Law of Conservation of Momentum. Irrespective of the material you use in creating the ball, friction and gravity will halt them unless it has continuous energy to bounce, i.e, it generates energy via its to and fro movements.