5 millennial memes that'll be pretty difficult to explain to our kids

Kid: Tell me something about your generation. Millennial parent: Ye bik gayi hai gormint.

“Why is millennial humor so weird” asked Washington Post in a article that tried to figure out why us millennials laugh at everything that’s not even remotely funny. Here’s the thing- we don’t know either.

While Washington Post concluded that comedy that appeals to young people is surreal, dark and completely meaningless, things aren’t that different when it comes to desi memes either. One day, when we’re all grown up, our kids will expect us to give them a slice of our generation- stories, lores, songs et al. At that point the average millennial will probably scream ye bik gayi hai gormint and scar the child for life.

From Kamless to nagarpalika memes, here’s a list of 5 desi memes that’ll be pretty difficult to explain to our kids:

Gormint aunty

So, basically an aunty who is pissed AF about literally everything that’s wrong about the government. We remixed her rant in every genre possible and laughed at it cuz we know everything is falling apart anyway. Yay!


We laughed at a child struggling with a horrible addiction, because our generation was pretty horrible in general.
-Every millennial as a parent.


Basically, this is every Indian who was ever pissed with the nagarpalika. Honestly, we get this guy’s anger.

Random Bobby Deol memes

“Dad, who was Bobby Deol?”
“Everything, my son. Everything.”

Deepak Sharma

Nothing major, we just wanted to showoff our ejucational skills.

Also, good-luck explaining Baba Sehgal’s lyrics and Bigg Boss in general.

Good job, millennial humor. We got this.