17-year old Lisa Zimouche is here to show you the magic she can weave with a soccer ball and her feet

Freestyling since she was 11, Zimouche shows us how talent and dedication is all you need to carve a niche for yourself.

If you think you have seen impressive freestyle balling, wait till you see what 17-year old Lisa Zimouche has to offer. She has several videos on her Instagram page where she shows off her jaw-dropping moves and will have you hooked before you know it.

The 17-year old has been freestyling since she was 11 and here is a specimen of her brilliant talent in her latest video shot in New York’s Trafalgar Square. A little kid who interrupts her act is soon shown who’s the boss as she claims her ball back from him suavely.

If you thought this is all there is to her talent, see how she deals with a guy who challenges her while she is just having fun with the soccer ball.

The self-confessed fan of music and sports talks about her dreams in this video and how she believes that no matter how unattainable your dream might seem one must always work towards it. She talks about how balling gives her the space to show off unrestrained moves and she hopes her talent will take her to France.

Her Instagram page is well decorated with her talent and she chooses peppy music to go with her moves. With Lisa Zimouche’s freestyling talent, we are sure the ball’s in her court.