12-Year-Old Son Of Diamond Merchant Leaves Home To Become A Monk

While most of us are busy chasing money, a 12-year-old boy is preparing to leave it all and become a monk. Yep, you read that right. Bhavya Shah’s family is celebrating that he has renounced his wealth and is going to become a Jain monk!

His initiation took place in an elaborate ceremony in Surat where he received diksha- the renunciation of all worldly ties, materialistic possessions and emotional attachments. Almost 7000 people and about 400 monks present at the event.

(Photo- Newshub.in)

In an interview with ANI, Bhavya said-

“I am happy to take the path of truth shown by God. I am deserting my mother and father as they taught me that this is the true path. My father and mother would also come on this path one day in future.”

His father Dipesh Shah, a diamond merchant, added that the entire family is extremely happy with the decision. When asked if he is sad that his son would now leave them, the father said he is in fact happy with his decision. Four years ago, his daughter had renounced the material world to go the spiritual path as well. So while Bhavya’s renunciation of riches may seem atypical of someone born into so much wealth, it isn’t uncommon within their family.

Twitter was pretty supportive of Bhavya’s decision too-

For Bhavya, embracing monkhood would entail renouncing property worth millions, the private jets and his entourage of servants. Brave step indeed.