11 spot-on tweets that perfectly sum up desi problems

I got 99 problems and they're all desi

Growing up in desi households, we all know that no matter what, our life will always be as dramatic as our TV serials.

Our problems are truly one of a kind – we show up to a cousin’s wedding only to have a flock of aunties descend upon us to inquire about when we’re getting married, when we go to your relatives house we have to sit for hours and pretend to be interested in their ‘when I was your age‘ stories.

While we’ve all got problems, here are 11 desi problems that only a true desi can relate to:

1. If your TV remote control isn’t wrapped in plastic, are you even desi?

2. Betaaa thand lag jayegii should be a part of our national pledge.

3. Desi Halloween 101

4. Desi parents, an enigma that even science can’t understand…

5. Beta, what will Sharma ji’s daughter’s friend’s dog think?

6. So… Gupta ji said he saw you hanging out with Karan *reaches for chappals*

7. Your cousin just got married WHEN WILL YOU SETTLE DOWN

8. But mooooom

9. Not gonna lie, Biryani is life.

10. We’re all feeling this at some point in a long-ass desi wedding!

11. Rains = I want Pakoras. Right now. I don’t care how.