11 peak millennial things that legit send our BP soaring

Modern life is a struggle, ain’t it?

Everyday you start your day hoping it’ll be better than yesterday but there are tiny little annoying things that test your limits: the limit of your anger, patience and cuss words. From your scarf getting caught in your zip to running out of Nutella when you’re really, really craving it – we are surrounded by things that truly annoy the beejesus out of us, and ruin our day.

Here are the top 11 things that give us mini anger attacks everyday (Warning: You will be triggered by the end of the list):

1) Aiming right at the TV and the remote doesn’t work.
No seriously, what is up with that? I JUST GOT NEW BATTERIES FFS!


2)Uber/Ola drivers never finding your location
As soon as the cab is booked: Reaching in 5 mins.
10 mins later: Reaching in 5 mins.
2 hours later: Reaching in 5 mins.


3)You maid leaves the lights on after cleaning the room
How difficult is it to literally just flick a light switch. WHYYY?


4)Accidentally ripping the entire bag of chips open
Now you gotta hold the bag like a baby the entire time like a freakin’ idiot.


5)The only call you get in the entire day is from Vodafone customer care.
Just FML.


6)Your boss asking you to stay back just as you were about to leave.
I don’t get paid enough to do this, your majesty.


7)People walking slowly right in front of you
If you can’t move faster then at least don’t take up the entire walkway!


8)When you wait for the entire video to load and it starts playing as soon you you click another link
Screw you, YouTube. Screw you very very much.


9)Someone chewing loudly in a completely silent room
No please, chew a little louder. I insist.


10)Having to deal with your drunk friends having a bad trip at a party.
You people are real life versions of headaches.


11)When you sharpen your pencil and…  

Screw this article. Too triggered to write.