11 desi memes that'll make you go, 'we are like that only'

Being an Indian is a brand in itself. Every thing about us is over the top, and we love it!

We know for a fact that when we tell our parents about our love life, chances are that their first question will be if that person is from the same caste. And that occasional family pressure to take up engineering. While our tastes might be international when it comes to food, music and everything else, we like our humour desi, cause it’s the relatable stuff that’s the funniest!

To show the world how much we love our crazy, desi selves, here are 11 memes that the desi inside you will love:

1) Nobody triggers their imagination like Sunny Leone does

2) Because momos are life

3) Tommy’s opinion matters!

4) Every Indian kid has said this at some point:

Gulab Jamun thoo

Gotta love that chicken

Listicle Shishticle

Dammit mom!

Seriously though, what do ya’ll do with the leftover Diwali sweets?

We take birthdays very seriously…

Beta, what do you wanna be when you grow up? Doctor, Engineer or a disgrace to the family?