10 Hilarious Kangana Ranaut Quotes That You Can Use IRL

Kangana savage Ranaut is undoubtedly one of the coolest actors we have today.

Her interview with Rajat Sharma not only took the nation by a storm but also gave the Internet some amazing meme content. You’ve already seen the memes, so to celebrate her birthday, we’re giving you the perfect situations to crack Kangana-esque one-liners and laugh quietly in a corner because not everyone is savvy enough to get the references. Check em out:

1. When your friend told you he tanked the test but scores 90/100:

2. When your meme gets 11 likes:

3. When your friend and his girlfriend have a dramatic argument publicly:

4. When your parents tell you you’re wasting your life looking at memes:

5. When your friend is pissed that his parents gave him a silver Mercedez instead of the white one he wanted:

6. When your bua catches you on a date with your boyfriend and asks you to come clean:

7. When your friend tags someone else in a meme:

8. When your friend copies from you and fails:


9. When your friend asks you why you keep tagging them in memes even when they don’t reply:


10. When your friend asks you to like his shitty meme: