Forget Kajol-Shah Rukh Khan. Raveena-Karisma and 4 other Bollywood pairs we'd rather watch

Bromance kaha hai? Bromance yaha hai.

We get the whole Romeo-Juliet and Laila-Majnu are iconic deal, but let’s be honest, we’re bored of them now. Same goes for Bollywood- we’re done with SRK-Kajol and Deepika-Ranbir. Yes, they’re adorable. Yes, they make us feel all mushy and stuff but they’ve got nothing on these savage non-romantic Bollywood couples that have made us laugh, cry and given us Friendship goals.

Here’s our list of gender defying couples that have given us some extraordinary moments on screen. And feels. They’ve given us so much feels.

Warning: Thoda bohot nostalgia ahead.

1)Govinda and Sanjay dutt

Haseena maan jayegi, Ek aur ek gyarah and Jodi no. 1 were what made your childhood awesome and you know it. Also, they taught you so much about eggs, how can you not love em?

That anda tho

2)Akshay Kumar- Sunil Shetty- Paresh Rawal

Who Devi Prasad? Baburao Apte FTW. This trio was probably the funniest thing you ever saw as a kid. And you’ve enacted the macchi kaha gayi scene multiple times. Admit it.

3)Raveena Tandon- Karishma Kapoor

Actresses have never really created rib-tickling comic moments on screen, but Raveena and Karishma changed that with Andaaz Apna Apna. Their hilarious dialogue delivery and comic timing is what made Andaaz Apna Apna a cult movie. Aila!  Also, they’re names Raveena and Karishma in the movie. Waaaaaaat.

4)Aamir Khan- Ajay Devgn

Aamir and Ajay gave us MAJOR friendship goals in the 90s with Ishq. They taught us Friend>Boy/Girlfriend. We pick them over Aamir-Kiran and Ajay-Kajol any day.

5)Ranveer singh- Arjun Kapoor

Individually, they’re pretty crazy as it is. And when they’re together they set the roof, kitchen, washroom and pretty much the whole building on fire.
These GIFs speak for themselves-





Roses are red
Violets are blue
We’re tired of cheesy romantic movies
So are you.

Which jodi is your favorite? Do let us know. Keep the love alive, bros.