10 Desi Tweets That'll Make You Go 'This Happens Only In India'

India is a beautiful country filled with diverse natural beauty, culture and a whole lotta loony people.

When we say desis are loony, we are not exaggerating. We do some pretty odd and hilariously bizarre things that we bet cannot happen anywhere else in the world. From hilarious signboards to people doing the craziest things, here are 10 tweets showcasing things that make India the crazy-town it is and could legit happen ‘only in India’.

1. Roads are too mainstream, M’lady.

2. The masala bandit should be a legit desi superhero.

3. Bruh I love you shirat, where’d you get it from?

4. Mah auto mah rulz

5. Living in India is just a bad David Dhawan movie IRL

6. What are we if not filmy?

7. Haatho ki lakeerein et al-

8. Santa paaji is coming to town.

9. Is it a bird? Is it a meteorite? Err, it’s…

10. Dhoom machale to the power of infinity